My absolute favorite traffic circle (probably it sounds weird “haha”)
the southern Colmar driveway in the french Alsace.
The medium-size statue of the Statue of Liberty there is a natural cause for it
the creator Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi is the pride of Colmar, their famous son.
Roundabouts especially the mental of them are grateful delays of decisions
some will never come out of these roundabouts, but continues in the ring.
Sometimes we have to take decisions in many different areas
where we can’t be sure that we can turn back time to the status quo
it’s the exception that chance comes again later and later again and then again.

It doesn’t make any sense – that’s why I trust it
(Kate Winslet – actress)

I hope I’m always learning something
(Kate Winslet – actress)


“If we could only turn back time
but I guess we’ll never know
we’ll never know”
(extracts from “What if”)


18 tanker om “Roundabouts

  1. I’m fascinated by this post: may be it’s for the subject , but then there’s the photo , and then the quotes and the song……The Kate Winslet video , is something precious….
    Thanks for all!

  2. ciao! we are fortunate when do have another chance even if certain conditions are not the same…time does not stand still. you brought to mind driving with the navigator when it indicates a roundabout coming up and then gives the instructions to take the second turn at the roundabout, and then one bypasses it, and has to go around once again…that’s a second chance:) this post is a gift. i have been travelling and not blogging…to open your blog and find this message is just the best. absence makes the heart grow fonder:)

  3. I like this! I love roundabouts, the ones with a big diameter – small ones make me dizzy. And I understand Kate Winslet’s thoughts, especially the one about always learning something 😉
    We’ve got another typhoon here. Hope it’s a dry week for you Drake! ~ Regards, Mary

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