Idyllic robbery free biking


In the so-called good old days when transporting was much more difficult
both of people, animals and goods – robbers often had all the advantages
this danish forest was a feared place to pass, even in full daylight
both cattle drivers, mail wagons, stagecoaches and so on – dreaded trip.
The important main route ran through and inside the forest
the well known and much dreaded robbers from Rold Forest had their base there
they were “invisible” as long as they wanted to be invisible
but they heard everything in the forest – especially if there were values to “download”
people said that the trees had eyes and the leaves had ears.
These thieves weren’t renowned as gentlemen
as their “colleagues” from the english Sherwood Forest at Nottingham
where Robin Hood and his companions took from the rich and gave to the poor
so robbed the robbers from Rold Forest from all, who came through the woods.




Always wonderful to see these beautiful forests, especially a hot of july
the main route is long ago moved out of the woods
and the robbers from Rold Forst is long gone
only the stories and myths are left back.