Moonlight castle


Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloß Gottorf
(in english: Regional State Museum Gottorp Castle in the german city Schleswig)

The old phrase that “home is where your heart is” is so true
but it is also true that we leave a piece of the heart,
when we leave a place where we were happy to stay
it makes the pleasure so much greater when we return to visit
us who have lived in many places, both through childhood and adulthood
so it’s great to have a big heart for all these places.
Admitted this photo wasn’t taken with my own camera, but with a borrowed one
my camera did a completely black photo of an “invisible” castle in the moonlight
I lived in a period of my childhood in the beautiful german town of Schleswig
some of my classmates parents were employed at the castle
which are placed in the western periphery of the city
for this reason we used much time in the surroundings of the castle
and I was very fascinated by this historic place
(the castle was a period incidentally the residence of a danish king many years ago.
The castle in daylight.
An old viking ship found in Nydam Mose – exhibited at the castle.
An impressive Hercules sculpture.
Weekly Photo Challenge “Masterpiece
Subjects we called “out of this world” or “masterpiece” probably change during life.

33 tanker om “Moonlight castle

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  3. Dear Andriken,
    it`s funny, you wouldn`t believe it, but I have childhood memories concerning Schloss Gottorf too. As a child I was fascinated by the Vikings and later, actually ten years ago, I was reading there Fontane`s “Effie Briest” waiting for a friend.
    Great photograph!
    All the best
    Klausbernd who is now living in a former Viking country as well – king Knut the Great (Canute) lived partly in Norfolk

    • #.klausbernd
      How funny… 🙂 😉

      It was in my eyes a wonderful area – both historic and later on – Schloß Gottorf will always be a beloved place for me… 🙂

      King Kanute have danish relations, an interesting but cruel story about the danish and norwegian vikings “visit” in serveral areas in GB… 🙂

  4. Lovely pics, and a wonderful post! There is a definite lack of castles in Canada. We have Casa Loma in Toronto.
    And I agree very much that we leave pieces of heart in places we’ve loved, also with people we’ve loved or deeply enjoyed knowing. _Resa xo

    • #.resa
      Yeah in both Canada and USA there are definite a lack of castles – one in USA and one in Canada – not impressive “hehehe” – the little tiny country Denmark where I’m born have more than 100… 🙂 😉

      • More than 100 is impressive! 🙂 and chuckle if you will. However we have summer cottages, maybe millions! “lol”
        Sigh! I wonder how many summer cottages it takes to make 1 castle? Love & hugs to you, Le Drake._Resa

          • Okay, Le Drake! 1/2 million x 100 = 50,000,000 cottages.
            ……………….. You know darlin’ we only have 34,000,000 people in Canada so it’s not possible we have 50,000,000 cottages. You win!
            However Le Drake, we have 9,984,670 sq km of planet earth, and that could hold a lot of castles.
            Love to you! _Resa

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