Waiting for the dark colors


Darkness can really be an experience, especially in full colors
(with the friday prompt “A little sneaky” as inspiration)


Some people like living in black and white worlds
let them just stay there
appreciate all the colors you see in your world though
(Ashly Lorenzana – american former escort girl)


Sea architecture or sculpture


The Channel, The North Sea and along the norwegian coastline
is in many ways a fascinating and also inspiring acquaintance
much more than just water.

Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Sea


From a distance


Distances can bring about many things
obstacles, excuses, challenges or experiences
some are challenging distances
triathlon or a so-called “Ironman”
3800 m swimming
180 km cycling
42,195 km run




Actually never thought these images could be used for anything.


Time is the longest distance between two places
(Tennessee Williams – american writer)

Everything seems simpler from a distance
(Gail Tsukiyama – american born with chinese-japanese roots writer)

The stars up there at night are closer than you think
(Doug Dillon – american paranormal and historical writer)

15 003

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of her travel theme this week “Distance