A little road sign as foreshadow about a traffic hurdle
not always we capture it at right time
maybe because of surroundings are catching our eyes ‘better’
actually we could say the surroundings shadows for the warning
luckily a highest level on 4 meters, as here
wouldn’t be a problem for most people
only modern buses and some lorries.
Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Foreshadow

30 tanker om “Foreshadow

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    • #.storysmitten
      Really appreciate you like it, yeah just around the “corner” there was a very strong and bright light without shadows – at right hand the mountain is like a wall and at left hand a wonderful deep gorge… 🙂

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    • #.mary
      Thanks, so glad you like it – yeah there’s a lot of atmosphere on mountain road like this – light, shadows, trees, bushes and stones makes that together… 🙂

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