Mountains with attitudes


I’m not religious motivated at all
but have the utmost respect for people who are, no matter which
as long as they respect others right to believe anything else.

But it’s great to “bump” into the mountains with attitude like these
so we get to know our own limitations
okay we could climb the mountain – but we don’t have to do it
the question is whether we become better people because of doing it
to know our own limitations may well be a strength.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference
(Winston Churchill – english statesman)

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude
(John C. Maxwell – american clergyman)

Reading attitudes and signals is not an ability we learn in school
although we should – it is a kind of science
therefore we have “reading glasses” on
where the glasses are often impregnated with prejudices
and a “we already know better” attitude

44 tanker om “Mountains with attitudes

  1. Brilliant message, and the quotes are very well selected. This mountain site is impressive. Must be somewhere in the Pyrenees? I wonder where you were standing to take this shot….I love photography, but I don’t consider it be worth dying for 😉

    • #.paula
      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 🙂

      It’s from the part of the Alpes – the Arlberg area… 🙂

      ‘haha’ – I’m not the guy who risk life
      – not afraid of much, but a lot of respect to life and my own too… 🙂 😉

        • I really love the Arlberg area – really so inspiring, a year without visiting the area is a ‘bad’ year – Lech is a wonderful place in my eyes – there’re so many amazing peaks so you can’t recognize them all – the area is really cool both summer and winter… 🙂

          St Jacob am Arlberg and the area of mountains – love it… 🙂

          • 🙂 Yes, I loved it too. Hubby was a bit in shock when I dragged him from +38 Celsius in Zagreb to just about 8 Celsius that were in Lech July last year :D. I would like to go back, but I have a need to visit different places every year – life is too short to go to the same place twice…

            • I remember one year a july summer day on the nearby mountain Zugspitze (about 2930m high) – when we arrived with the cable cab at the top – I stood there in shorts and a t-shirts – and it snows strongly… 🙂 🙂

    • #.anna
      Thanks, glad you like it – really appreciates… 🙂

      I had this view to the top of these 2 beautiful peaks from the ‘first row’
      as far as I could get, on my mountain bike… 🙂

      • I’ve never seen peaks like those. They seem quite unique. Is that the Pyrenees running through that area of Austria?
        I’ve been up in the Rocky Mountains and the Andes Mountains, but never saw something like those two peaks. 😉

        • The Pyrenees is located between Spain and France – the Alpes are located in (south eastern) France, (northern) Italy, (southern) Germany, Austria and Switzerland – these peaks are from the Alpes in the area of Tirol at the borderline between Germany and Austria… 🙂

          • Thanks! I feel so stupid. 😎 I woke up in the middle of the night and thought “It’s the Alps!!!” 🙂
            To be quite honest, now that you tell me where the Pyrenees are, I realize I never really knew exactly, just that they are in Europe. _Resa 😉

              • Thank you Le Drake! You are very gracious. 🙂 Maybe there are some things about the Rocky Mountains I know that would be interesting to you?
                Also, I did the Machu Picchu 6 day hike thru the Andes in my twenties. I have some neat memories of that.
                Maybe it’s because I’m from the prairies, but I love big, huge endless terrain that the horizon can’t define… and looking out on deserts.
                “LOL” Of course it’s much too, hot in the desert for a princess, nonetheless I like the vast horizon. _Resa xo

      • Oh Le Drake, the Rockies are splendid. 🙂
        They are not the highest peaks on earth, but they are the youngest. This makes them very sharp peaks, indeed. 😉
        Being from the prairies, I get dizzy driving through the Rockies, and I always sweat buckets when we pass by the avalanche spots that are graves as well.
        Honestly, I’ve met very few people who are interested in the vast pre-historic endlessness of the prairies.
        On one visit home, I spotted a fluff in the field’s horizon. I asked my cousin to drive me there in his Jeep.
        Ten minutes later the fluff had become a spike-ish affair. Twenty minutes, and we had arrived at an oasis of bullrushes and rose-hips.
        The bullrushes were seven – nine feet high, and the rose-hips were up to six feet high.
        Oh Le Drake, I love the prairies!
        I believe you would, too!
        _Resa xoxo

  2. magnifique, cher canard noir, tak… 🙂 tu sais que j’aime les montagnes… on dirait un énorme “MM”… 🙂
    – – –
    I totally and completely agree with your first sentence… 😉
    – – –
    have a sunny afternoon and a great weekend! Merci pour tes “haltes” à NP et à+! 🙂

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