Sea architecture or sculpture


The Channel, The North Sea and along the norwegian coastline
is in many ways a fascinating and also inspiring acquaintance
much more than just water.

Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Sea


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  6. EYE SORE BLIGHT ON HUMANITY! COOPERATE GREED>.. yeah no statute! How stupid some people are that are ok with this and NOT windmills dotting the coast line. FOOLISHNESS!

      • I am part dutch so I will be coming to the netherlands soon! I want to see tulip time and get some more dutch letters! I hear where the blades of the windmills sets sends a message.

        • ‘hahaha’ – when I was teenager. I had a dutch girlfriend – we talk together in english language – I believed her mother don’t like me (it sounds like she scolded me until I learned the dutch language enough to know she wasn’t angry but the dutch language just sounded so… 🙂 🙂 😉

          Yes it’s right the wind mills ‘talk’ to us
          when we lies relaxed in the long wild grass beside… 😉

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