Inside out


To get out, so we must be inside first
an airport terminal is the start of the experience
Travelling is a unique opportunity to learn from the outside
while we also learn something from our own inner
we can learn something everywhere, if nothing else, how it shouldn’t be.
To travel is to live
(Hans Christian Andersen – danish author)

You can’t control the past, but you can control where you go next
(Kirsten Hubbard – american young-adult author and travel writer)


Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Inside

33 tanker om “Inside out

  1. I really like so much what you have written, yes, I agree with anything you say about travelling! I feel alive only in two situations and one is when I travel… I can’t tell you the other ;-).
    But, I’m unlucky… no money and family problems prevent me from travelling as I would like 😦
    So I sail on the sea… of internet and sometimes I stop on very interesting and nice sites, like yours! 😉 Have a fantastic week-end Le Drake.

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  7. You hit the right button for me with this post, Drake! I am a bit of a fan of airports in general and the atmosphere there and you’ve captured it perfectly. With your photos as well as your words and the quotes. Travelling teaches us in quite a few ways, lets us discover and re-discover all the time.

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