34 tanker om “Waiting

    • Bus stops with many bus lines in the city centers really can be interesting to watch – there’s plenty of interesting life – but this rainy evening then I preferred to sit in the bus… 🙂 😉

    • #.klausbernd
      Yeah – there’s an old danish saying “Der kommer altid en sporvogn og en pige til” – transleted – there will always come another tram and one more girl – actually there’s a “world famous” – I guess probably only in Denmark – movie song from 1937… 😉 😉

      The song is a discussion of the charioteer or the ticket conductor about who is the most important person on a tram – eventually they agree that the passenger is the most important… 🙂

    • #.our adventure
      I admit, it can be difficult – but I was sitting in a bus an rainy evening – the bus hold at this bus stop for a while and there was a woman with an umbrella standing outside probably waiting for an other bus… 🙂

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