Desire as energy


Our world may become more and more a shopping world
in more than one sense
perhaps in a superficial sense too
we love to shop ourselves, but dislike being exposed to it
unfortunately, our desires become more commercially

than genuine erotic, physical, mental desire or all three at the same time.

Our frustration is greater when we have much and want more
than when we have nothing and want some.
We are less dissatisfied when we lack many things
than when we seem to lack but one thing
(Eric Hoffer – american social writer and philosopher)


Maybe the perfect highland desires – great hair, sensitive and horny..?

Sometimes you don’t even know what you want
until you find out you can’t have it
(Meghan O’Rourke – american author and poet)

The inspiration comes from the worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme: “Desire


34 tanker om “Desire as energy

  1. Interesting post and pics.
    Shopping is a large part of my job so the last thing I want to do with my non-work time is spend it in a store or mall. 🙂 😉
    Wow, nice cow!!! You know how fond I am of cows, even horny boy cows with long hair. “lol” He really is a beauty! 😎 🙂 _Resa

  2. Fun and original take on the theme, Drake! You made me thinking how true it is…about wanting more and more. I think it is like a tree with two ends – when it is about learning, developing, desire to reach new aims, to look for more is very much on place. But when it is about human greediness, the colors are completely different.

    • #.ese
      Thanks, glad to hear you can see my point – really appreciates… 🙂

      I believe you are right about the tree with two ends
      – absolutly – and it gives *different* colors…

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    • #.belén soto
      Yeah the power of commercials – so we all miss things we didn’t know we couldn’t live without until we saw commercials… 🙂

      Thanks a lot, do have a wonderful week yourself… 🙂

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