Relaxing in a hurry


When we’re giddy with excitement,
time does speed up or slow down…?
The experience of the anticipation
can make us hurry up, just in the wrong way.

Rush is itself no quality, but due diligence is.
what either it’s quickly or slowly done.
Without owning a casual sailboat or yacht
so I admire and like much the sailors’way of temper
good to be busy and stressed good to be perfectly relaxed
at just the right time
to see boaters relax is drowsiness in a very good way.
inspiration: the daily prompt “A bend in time“.

32 tanker om “Relaxing in a hurry

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  6. Beautiful photos and very lovely place! Yes, as other bloggers say, it’s very relaxing… what I’m always looking for! 😉 I like this kind of buildings, their style and colours and I love sea. Is it in Denmark? Ciao.

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