Relaxing contrasts


Is this a contrast to your daily life..?

That something might be relaxing, calls for cooperation between brain and body
probably it requires that it is something different perhaps even a full contrast to daily life
for some it is about physical activity – for other physical calm
for some it is about mental activity – for other mental calmness
the main thing is that it is a contrast to daily life
There are also elements of danger in this
namely that the brain or body gets a shock because of the change
it is quite common to body or brain feel unwell the first few days
some of us are very encased in our routines.

In fact, it should be embedded in our daily life
but it is rarely the way it works out
perhaps it’s the reason that freedom
when we finally get it
doesn’t meet expectations and be more jail than freedom ..?

Running started as a way of relaxing.
it’s the only time I have to myself
no phones, e-mails or faxes
(Gordon Ramsay – scottish chef)


Is this a contrast to your daily life..?

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of this travel theme this week “Relaxing

20 tanker om “Relaxing contrasts

  1. Interesting post… To me, everything “contrasting” my daily life is welcome! I hate routines, but unfortunately my life is made of routines at 95%. The other 5% I have freedom because I do the best I can to get it. Sometimes my body is not well with the change but my brain is always happy and this is the most important thing. Changes, surprises, new life-styles always charme me. That’s the main reason I like travelling. 😉 Have a good (if possible relaxing) week!

    • #.laura
      Thanks a lot, really appreciates – yeah the world is so full of routines today
      – so it’s very important that we aren’t just robots but remember to “steer”… 🙂

  2. Yes, the difference between both…and experience, knowledge to appreciate the things that make our lives more colourful, interesting, full of surprises. Especially when there’s so much of routine all the time and relaxation from that one is needed as well 🙂

  3. ciao! i try to derive the most from all settings. to arrive to relaxation we have to experience a level of stress. a traffic jam can be a reminder that we need to be delayed, so to relax, and a pastoral setting can offer relaxing energy needed to recharge. contrasts are just so necessary.
    really liked this post.

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