Maybe virginity is overrated


To try to be the first one is very important for many
perhaps it would be more fun to try to be the best in our own way instead
the beginning is very important it is heard again and again
but it is more the result is, how it ends that counts.
The famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen he might have a point
“the ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan”
the best adventure starts not necessarily with the “hero or heroine” was the first.
Many spend their entire life on a good start more than a happy result and miss the end.
Who was first, the hen or the egg – and does it really matter anything
so maybe virginity is overrated..?


The stairs going up in the parisian cathedral Notre Dame
they are leaning worn by millions of feet that were before us
this does not make our experience worse, do it ..?

Inspiration the Daily Prompt “First