Autumn brainstorm


Autumn is time for a kind of brainstorm in the agriculture world
the topsoil will be geared or prepared for new times or new crops.

Autumn is perhaps the most important time of the year
most often it’s the time for the harvest of this year’s work to be paid.

Many people see it differently, they think it is the moment just before closing time
and begins (humorously said) slowly preparing for their winter depression
in our human world so old age is also known as the autumn of life
but it is perhaps misleading – autumn is precisely the time
where the spring and summer is planned
if you wait until the end of winter to plan spring and summer
it is obvious that the winter blues knocks at the door.


What is this, it is actually a type of hotel rooms seen in Austria
room space is outside tubes
closed at one end and a round door in the other
toilets, restaurant and other facilities are located in buildings next to all the tubes.
Maybe bear caves for winter hibernation has been the inspiration
for this modern “product development”.

Maybe these rooms can be rented for an entire winter
but it should probably be considered already here in the autumn.

26 tanker om “Autumn brainstorm

    • #.amy
      Agree with you, this austrian hotel looks very interesting… 🙂

      I believe that late fall and early winter are the right time for planning our spring and summer… 🙂

  1. Et sådant rør kunne jeg godt bruge i én af mine ynglingsskove, fantastisk anordning.
    Efteråret er dejligt, nu er temperaturen helt rigtig til udendørs aktiviteter, der er ingen grund til at geare ned, tværtimod 😉
    Mange hilsner,

    • #.hanna
      Ideen er jo god og enkel – jeg har set mange hotelværelser må jeg indrømme – dette er et af de mere specielle – når man booker ind på et hotelværelse så har man altid fornemmelsen af at man har set det masser af gange før – det har altid været min påstand, men her må jeg erkende – at det har jeg ikke set før… 🙂 😉

  2. Your take on autumn is positively positive! I love it, and I will always think that way of it from now on. Thank you Le Drake! 🙂
    However…. “LOL”!!!! sleeping in that tube would make me insane (even if I was with the most amazing lover on earth). I need space… lots of space.
    I’m a space junkie from the wide open prairies.
    Hugs and kisses to you my fine feathered friend! _Resa

      • Autumn colors are beautiful, and I am currently enjoying them in Ottawa. 🙂
        Ontario is such a lush province… full of many deciduous and most coniferous trees.
        “lol” Your attitude about fall not being “just before closing time”is so positive. 🙂
        Hugs and kisses _Resa

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