Come on, make your day


Morning has broken as mornings do, by the first light.

The perfect morning could be jumping out of bed
brew a quick cup of espresso
then dress in cycling shoes, shorts and jersey
take a ride out along this forest lake on the edge of the city
a stretch of 18 kilometers
40 minutes later home for a delicious shower
so another cup of espresso, this time with a little breakfast
then you are fit for fight – so world take care, here we come.
One lovely morning on a misty northern english road – on the way for business meeting.
Some claim that the mornings have to be perfect
otherwise the rest of the day be destroyed
in fact does it need to be true – it’s be true too
that aeroplanes, they are landing and taking off – best in headwind ..?
Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Good morning“.

45 tanker om “Come on, make your day

  1. Fantastic photos! I agree with your idea of perfect morning… if only I could have at least one like this in my life! Yes, if the morning begins well the rest of the day will be easier. And surely the contrary too is true: when a day starts bad everything goes worse during the day. I usually say in this case: It was better I stayed in bed all day long, today!

    • #.laura
      Thanks a lot, glad you like it – really appreciate you agree with me too… 🙂

      If the day isn’t start perfect, so I believe “never give up, we can change it”… 🙂

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    • #.hanna
      Tusind tak skal du ha’… 🙂

      Mange ting er vi lidt selv herre over trods alt – hvis man vil inspiration, så må man også søge den – og disse omgivelser er ofte meget inspirerende om morgenen og meget fredelige – fordi mange stadig på det tidspunkt ligger på ryggen med næsen i vejret og lader inspirationen blive ved (måske) snorkelyde… 🙂 😉 😉

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    • #.laurie
      Thanks a lot, glad you like them – really appreciates… 🙂

      The funny thing about energy is that it often accumulate synergistic effect with other things – and generate free energy… 🙂 🙂

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    • #.thebestdressup
      Thanks, so glad you like it – yeah if the morning start turn on like a offday – we must remember that the planes in fact starts best – in headwind… 🙂

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