Stream of vibrations

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To explore the world around us requires not so much
big ears, big eyes and a smaller mouth than we think
historically, so we thought that the only thing that was required
was that we saw ourselves in a mirror, our own reflection
and thought that others would see us in the same way
the hidden agenda was not to learn but to teach.
“If you want to move others’ attitudes
the most successful result will be
by starting from where they are
and not where you wish they were
(Sören Kierkegaard – danish philosopher)
If just all our ears has same large size as our mouth
so there would be much more good vibrations in the world
which so could have been a wonderful world.
If words don’t have vibration behind them 
and a real feeling behind them 
then they’re just words
(Charlotte Rampling – french actress)
Probably traffic is the place with the most vibration, good or not.
The inspiration comes from the worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme: “Vibrations