Hide away behind huge peaks


A capital “hidden” in the Pyrenees the mountains between Spain and France
“Andorra la Vella” in “Andorra”
Andorra ranks in as the sixth smallest nation in Europe
the city is located in about 1000m above sea level (the highest european capital)
the city has 300 days of sunshine a year (but not this day)
the tiny country has no defense (France and Spain are protecting the country together)
and humorously said so Spain protects the country against France
and humorously said so France protects the country against Spain
the official language is catalan, not spanish or french
The independence (since 1200s) is due to the powerful neighbors to the north and south
couldn’t agree on who should have the ownership so head of state shared between
the french president in Paris and the spanish archbishop of Urgel.



Bridge in the middle of Andorra la Vella


Andorra also has a national football team and a national soccer stadium
the latest home game was a world cup qualification match against the Netherlands
Some laughed at the number of spectators, it was 500
but in relation to population size then it is very nice
it would be equivalent to, that there were 167,000 english spectators at Wembley.


Andorra la Vella is considering its size
a city with a rich trade, culinary and musical life
tourism is the overriding source of income
both summer and winter
the locals love folk dance, but there are also plenty of discotheques
there are plenty of boutiques too, again because of the tourists.