Too late for the royal party


After a few fitness demanding relaxing days in the Pyrenees, more precisely Andorra
so it was needed with a few “fit less” days closer to the sea
where the mountains are almost as sunk into the ground
the landscape is flat – isn’t it nice – the water has no idea which way it should run
but the Mediterranean is only a stone’s throw away, if you throw far enough.
Okay there was a “little tiny” hill behind these first-class recreation apartment
this small hill was in fact completely surrounded by flat landscape all the way around
it is a royal castle hill – what prominent neighbors
it’s better than being in St. Anton, Menton or Mallorca – most likely or not.
There is always a lot talk about the royal parties – they really know how to celebrate
oh shame on me – I was too late – unlucky me
the party must have been yesterday
because the castle looks like a ruin.