Home sweet heart


It’s said often that a home is where ones heart is – it’s fair enough
wonder why on earth, there’s a heart on our toilet doors – very often
and the old outdoor toilets these hearts are always obligatory – almost.

It is very modern in newbuildings and refurbishments with great conversation kitchens
lots of studies clearly shows that this causes that men spend more time in the bathrooms
actually a little bit funny and thought-provoking.

Human beings are the only creatures on earth
that allow their children to come back home
(Bill Cosby – american comedian)

Any old place I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me
(William Jerome – american musician)

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home
(Twyla Tharp – american dancer)

Inspirations from the daily prompt “Home sweet home

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  1. Great post Drake! The first part make me lough ;-D ahaha… I’ve never seen any heart on the italian toilets’ doors, luckily… It is a very odd thing!! I like very much the quote of William Jerome and I feel like him about home. But also I have to say that there is a little special place in France where every time I go I feel myself at home more than in any other place and I don’t know why… Maybe I was French in another life 😉 I agree with the quote from Twyla Tharp too. Have a good evening Drake.

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  8. For sure Home is where the Heart is, and after 3 months away I know the sentiment better than ever. Your post has inspired me to put a heart on my bathroom door when I get home! “lol” It’s indoors! It’s illegal to have an outhouse in Toronto. 😉
    Thanks Le Drake Hugs _Resa

  9. You’ve raised an excellent question or two … first – why are there hearts on the doors of outdoor toilets? :S (I wish I could answer that one – it is a subject worthy of extensive research) and second, why are humans the only one to let their young come back home – as a superios species – they should know better 😉

      • I have did a bit of research now … in spite of my heavy work schedule (all your fault – not my work, but my avoidance of it ;)), and it says in a paper on the Internet by someone who seems to know what he is talking about, that in the past some of these outhouse facilities were also used as observatories (of sky apparently) :D, and that heart was not the only symbol used on side doors, that there was half moon and sun too :). The paper also shows a traffic sign for toilet in Sweden which depicts an outhouse with a carved heart on the door. This makes me wonder what Swedes used their outhouses for?

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