Burning feelings


Obsessions can have many faces for good and for worse.

That someone has a “mission” a case they are passionate about – an obsession
it can be very rewarding for all of us – so someone taking heavy lifting for all of us.

Some do it by simultaneously “minimizing” their own person.
(as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandh, Dalai Lama and many others)Some do it different the bulldozer way – by using their personality active and direct.
(as Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel and many others)
Some others on the self-promotional way and perhaps only in their own interests way.


Passion is a positive obsession – obsession is a negative passion
(Paul Carvel – ecrivain et éditeur belge)

My passion is to visit places that tell a story and meet the locals and hear their stories
here the southern belgian city of Bruges and the northern french city of Amiens
  both cities with lots of stories.
The inspiration comes from the worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme: “Obsession