The past in the horizon


How far away is a horizon ..?

Hadrian’s Wall from the North Sea to the Irish Sea,
excellent for trekking but hard for ‘mountain’ biking
in the footsteps of roman legionaries across England
just south of the border with Scotland.

A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows
(John Powell – american composer)


Weekly Photo Challenge “Horizon

58 tanker om “The past in the horizon

  1. Wonderful view of the Hadrian’s wall and excellent post. I often talk about Hadrian’s wall to my pupils at school, but I’ve never seen it except in photo… Have a relaxing week-end Ledrake!

    • #.colline
      It’s really very interesting walking along (or biking) the Hadrians Wall – the total length is about 120 km – but people can walk (or bike) shorter or longer stages… 🙂

  2. Very inconsiderate of the Romans not to make their walls more suited to Mountain biking! It’s a remarkable credit to the Celts that the Romans had to cordon them off. Great pic.

    • #.chas spain
      Thanks really appreciate you like it… 🙂

      Yeah at least they could have used some smaller stones, some pebbles… 🙂

      It seems that the Romans feared both the celts and the scots… 🙂

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    • #.ese
      Thanks a lot really appreciate you like both the quote and the photo… 🙂

      Yeah some parts included some to big stones for mountain biking
      – so we have to bike a long the wall… 😉

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