Traveling and stones


Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.


The stones were erected about 4000-4500 years ago
the inner circle is built of small, local stone,
while the large outer stone is transported to the site from quarries
in the Preseli Mountains in southwest Wales, several hundred kilometers away.
many of these large stones weighing lot tons.
It was rejected in the Middle Ages and much later too,
that native britons could have raised the impressive construction.
Some believe that they raised by the romans, saxons or danish vikings
others that it was the celts or britons – there will probably never be agreement on this.

There are related plenty of myths and theories about these stones.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Stone

Probably the adventure is just a stones throw away.

49 tanker om “Traveling and stones

  1. Wonderful and really stone-ish interpretation of the theme, Drake! No matter how I look at Stonehenge, there has always been something…mystical about it for me. But I will know for sure when will finally get there. Probably it really is one of the adventures that is just a stones throw away. 🙂

  2. Dear Andrikken,
    funny, I just write on a blog about stone-circles, too. I will publish it at the end of next week.
    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from Norfolk

    • #.louse
      Absolutly a place worth visiting, with lots of mystery and inspiration… 🙂

      Years ago, when I still lived back in Denmark – I had a neighbor who was very committed to Stonehenge and all the stories – he was very inspiring and it caught my interest too – theories about the celts and druids have connections around Europe also some lodges – so many of these lifestyle lodges – they are often based on celtic druids, positive humanity and Stonehenge and based on the basis of this… 🙂

  3. Det må være et spændende sted at besøge, Drake. Jeg ved godt, det er ‘turistet’, men også sagnomspundet. Hvordan oplevede du stedet?
    Mange hilsner,

    • #.hanna
      Jeg havde faktisk forventet det meget mere “turisted” end tilfældet var – det er jo det man er vant til er tilfældet – men det var meget fascinerende i aller højeste grad – jeg havde en del baggrundsviden i forvejen angående de gamle keltiske druider og deres livsværdier – så i den vinkel passede historikere og forskeres teorier meget i tråd med mine “forventninger” – så et meget inspirerende sted… 🙂

      Ønsker dig og dine en pragtfuld efterårssøndag… 🙂 🙂

  4. Wonderful photos, interesting post! I often see on tv reportage about Stonehenge and it really fascinate me. Even if theories about it are many and we still don’t know what is the truth, Stonehenge is full of mistery and inspiration, as you said… 😉

  5. It is a truly remarkable site to visit. I was lucky enough to be there some decades ago before the original monument was fenced off as it was deteriorating due to the huge footfall. Did you enjoy your visit? Great photos – thanks

    • #.silver voice
      Agree absolutly worth visiting… 🙂

      I have visited Stonehenge twice – and the first visit years ago is the best – as you mentioned so very thing do change Stonehenge too – but still absolutly worth visiting – I think first visits always are the best no matter what we talk about… 🙂 🙂

      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 🙂

  6. Great pics!
    Maybe I will get to see the ancient Stonehenge in real life one day. It seems like an important thing to see.
    I gazed upon the “Palenque Stone, once. I gave up many physical comforts to see it.
    “lol” Can’t help thinking about the Stonehenge” bit in “Spinal Tap” , the movie.
    It would be neat to re-create a Stonehenge and paint Graf on it _Resa xo

    • Body paint Stonehenge – I think englishmen are too conservative to see the fun in it – then you will be sent with the next flight to Canada, I guess… “lol lol” 🙂 😉

  7. For sure I don’t want to be “Rode Out Of Town On A Rail “, or out of England on the next plane. “lol” 🙂 🙂
    However, darling Drake, I’m just saying that painting on a “replica” of Stonehenge would be exciting.
    Wouldn’t people like to see that? Or? Not? Sigh!
    *** On another note: I have been body painted a couple of times, and it was exhilarating, absolutely fabulous… I luv it… 😎 😉 🙂

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