Lack of or too much light


Sometimes the light can be more frightening than the dark
an old fishing trawler close to shore in the Irish Sea
visibility is limited by haze, fog and morning twilight
the more light gets force the older the trawler seem to be.

Before you can see the light, you have to deal with the darkness
(Dan Millman – former athlete, coach, instructor, and college professor)

Weekly Photo Challenge 2nd version – “Let there be light

Lighting tracks


Weekly Photo Challenge “Let there be light

Sometimes if we aren’t accustomed being out in our hometown at night
so we feel like strangers in town
alright without saying too much – I can navigate in Liverpool in the night lighting too.

Bright side of the blue sky


Basically the sky is blue and the sun shines above everything
we’re just not always able to see it and certainly not with our naked eyes
the french philosopher Victor Hugo associate or compare this to something else:
Basically so our soul is blue and the sun shines above everything
we’re just not always able to see it and certainly not with our naked eyes
sometimes fills our clouds in the sky too much and we lose focus.

Clouds will come and go – sometimes beyond our reach other times within our reach.
the sky will be sunny blue behind all the clouds -.hopefully our minds too.


09 080

03 004

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Sky

Take it easy


Between Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent, taken this late summer or early autumn.

“My home is my castle” or “My property is my kingdom”
expressions often heard, perhaps especially in the case of residences
as “public opinion” does not describe as aristocratic
but maybe sometimes we attach the public opinion too much weight.

Maybe it isn’t a bad perspective at all
it gives aristocracy a brand new angle
close to the forest fruits, field fruits or sea fruits.

These people seem much less stressed than the rest of us.

Inspirations from the absolutely worth visiting blog of Paula
Thursdays Special

The secret service of our society


Sheeps are really a large part of the life of the moor
and the key for the survival of the moor.


The sheeps have an eye for many things – even strangers on mountain bikes.


Sheep are a familiar sight on the North York Moors in UK,
but do we really realise how much they help shape the landscape..?
Sheep numbers in the area are keep falling,
but if they disappear completely the look of the entire moors will change drastically too.
BBC Radio York’s Mike Kemp made an interesting report: “LINK

The inspiration for this are 3 gentle kicks
* 2 wonderful days at the North York Moor UK
* The interesting article according Mike Kemp BBC (link above)
* The WP daily prompt “Close Call