The sunlight of fall


The autumn here isn’t black’n white, not at all
probably the only colors, which are missing
rain and wind are business as usual
a bit colder now, but looks warmer
but neither black or white.

Daily Prompt: “Intense

Today the intensity in the feeling of autumn, it was very impressive – at the positive way.

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    • #.paula
      Thanks – most of all I love the colors of autumn and the fact that even it’s getting colder the colors are so warm – very inspiring… 🙂

      What’s the difference this year, Paula..? 🙂

      • In this part of the world Autumn has skipped a bit.. it went from insanly hot to wet cold with leaves that turned from green to withered brown within days. As I said in my grim Sunday post – there are no colours whatsover – not even sepia.

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  4. Beautiful photo! Indeed Autumn can be very inspiring, mainly when we feel it in a positive way… 😉 When it’s rainy, windy and grey I don’t like it very much… but in the sun it can offer marvellous colours and emotions. For us it is also a season full of fruit, mmm…

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