In the middle of a ford


There has always been much symbolism in rivers
there are at least two elements – the river itself and the fords of these
they are also in the mythological world a meaning – in fact of life and death too.


Ferry cross the Mersey.

Life goes on day after day
hearts torn in every way
so ferry cross the Mersey
‘cause this land’s the place I love
and here I’ll stay.
People they rush everywhere
each with their own secret care
so ferry cross the Mersey
and always take me there
the place I love.
People around every corner
they seem to smile and say
we don’t care what your name is boy
we’ll never turn you away
so I’ll continue to say:
Here I always will stay
so ferry cross the Mersey
‘cause this land’s the place I love
and here I’ll stay
(written by Gerry Marsden from “Gerry and the Pacemakers”)

The best inspiration is the one that you think is your own idea
read a post from Paula on “Lost in Translation” came off it because my phone rang,
then made this post  and so later re-read and found out that this one was my inspiration:
Thursday’s Special: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

17 tanker om “In the middle of a ford

  1. Very nice the old song and video! A bit of nostalgia for the times gone away… life flows like a river… Yes, there is a lot of symbolism involved with rivers, even in the mythological world and in literature. In the Inferno of Dante Alighieri there are 4 rivers drawn from greek mythology, just to say an example.. 😉 Rivers are very important for life. Where I live, the greatest plain of Italy, was generated by the river Po, the longest river of Italy. 🙂 Have a nice evening Drake.

    • #.laura
      Thanks a lot, so glad you like it – really appreciates… 🙂

      Agree with you, rivers are a very importent part of all the symbolish around us and nostalgia too… 🙂

  2. Awwwwwww …. you have touched me with this contribution. I agree with you for once: the best inspiration is your own! That was my idea – push people to think and to inspire themselves; the world is full of copycats anyway. I appreciate this very much, Drake 🙂

    • It’s damn hard to answer short – I’m an independent adviser, this gives me the freedom to just accept these tasks that I want and it gives me the right to say no thank you – as I do in some cases – my clients are mostly individual persons (or clients) – usually not companies – although it is usually their companies that pay me – these clients have nothing to do with each other – more than they know me, and they are spread in many countries – those I visit – such as England, France, Netherlands , Germany and Tunisia – I have no clients in Norway and Denmark because I have sold these business relations to 2 who used work for me – both places there are 5-year non-competition clauses… 🙂

      There is no secrets, except that it is confidential in relation to each client… 🙂

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