Isn’t kissing disgusting..?


(photographed with permission)

Quite correctly, it’s said that a smile is the easiest connection between people
if done right, a kiss is the strongest connection.

One plus one isn’t necessarily two, through synergy effects it may well be three.

We are like islands in the sea,
separate on the surface but connected in the deep
(William James – american philosopher and psychologist)

Inspiration from the daily prompt “Connection

42 tanker om “Isn’t kissing disgusting..?

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  4. If it’s a kiss of love, true love, kissing is “the strongest connection”, yes, that is what I feel.. if we love someone who is physically far from us, well we can be nevertheless connected in the deep, but surely we will miss the person and his/her kiss 😉 … Nice post. :-*

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  9. It’s absolutely disgusting! Imagine, all those germs in one place a once! _Resa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hope you don’t catch a cold!

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  12. Let me think…to asnwer your question – no, it isn’t ! 🙂 Even if I think twice, still it isn’t!!!
    And the photo is lovely, Drake. Has the essence of a kiss revealed in full power.

  13. I like the quote.

    I had never heard a smile is the strongest connection & kissing the second strongest. Either way, I LOVE kissing 🙂 (& smiling…)

    • #.wordsfallfrommyeyes
      It’s said that a smile is the most easy way for connection and a kiss (if it is done right) is the strongest way of connection – agree with about smiling and kissing too… 🙂 🙂 😉

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