The bedroom of the homeless


In some parts of the world, we see ourselves as role models for all the others
we want it very streamlined, but wherever there is a sun then there is shades too
thus this is actually the bedroom for a homeless if the weather allows
we have not seen the whole story of a city before we trudged through the nighttime.

In this “comfortable” part of the world there are many types of homelessness
some are pressured or pushed into it, others have chosen it themselves
if we sit down for a talk with a homeless person (it can be recommended)
then we must be prepared to hear some terrible stories too.

As everywhere else in societies, there are hierarchies here too
also when they are selecting the “private” precincts as “bedrooms”.


A sculpture of a homeless near the cathedral in swedish Linköping
artist of the sculpture unknown – do not know if it is still there.