Let the thoughts flow


Taking a (mountain bike) ride some miles east southeastern of Liverpool
a saving bench shows up perfectly
a nice break from the sweaty pleasure trip
when sitting so flies thoughts high and wide
an old long-forgotten song played imaginary between the ears.

Sitting on a park bench
Eyeing idle girls with bad intent.
Snot running down his nose
Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
Aqualung my friend, don’t you start away uneasy
Drying in the cold sun
Watching as the frilly panties run.
Aqualung my friend
Feeling like a dead duck
Spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
Aqualung my friend, don’t you start away uneasy“.
(written by Ian Anderson from “Jethro Tull” – listen to: *Aqualung*)

No idle girls at sight
actually it doesn’t matters at all
only a “dead” duck at the bench
the ducks at the river were full of life.

Inspiration from the WP daily prompt “Come fly with me

44 tanker om “Let the thoughts flow

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  6. it’s unfortunate Sherrie and I aren’t there, we have many, many frilly panties which would be great for sitting on that bench!
    “lol’ Lovely post, LeDrake!

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  8. “Let the thoughts flow” – Amen to that. I found your empty bench very consoling. “Give up and you will succeed” as Lao Tzu or someone very like him said. So I sat on your bench and waited for the thoughts to flow…

  9. Det er en spændende historie, der ligger bag tilblivelsen af Aqualung. Endvidere var Ian Andersson ved at blive sagsøgt af Aqualung Corporation of North America, da albummet kom på gaden, fordi det var er et brand for dykkerudstyr 🙂
    Bortset fra musikken i hovedet 😉 er det et pragtfuldt pitstop, du har fundet –
    Mange hilsner til dig,

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