Covering layers of the season

2 002

A village in the late autumn disguise only a single black rook in the air
under the layers of assumed seasons boredom so there is still life
indirectly it will be revealed by the little old busy windmill
it’s working diligently for the residents to read the newspaper at the dining table lamp
or sit in front of the television screen and peel off layer by layer of the dull entertainment.

2 003

2 004

Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme “Layers

24 tanker om “Covering layers of the season

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    • #.ese
      Thanks a lot, appreciate you like it – yeah agree surely there can be found more entertaining and pleasant ways than that – maybe it’s too easy to let ourselves be lulled to sleep..? 🙂 😉

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  4. We all got hooked on your imagery of peeling off dull entertainment. Staying indoors does not have to be dull. Late autumn gives a great excuse to be lazy 🙂 LIke your interpretation and the village sights 🙂

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    • #.seyi sandra
      Agree – I think (too) many mentioning autumn like a kind of end of story – but (in my eyes) autumn as well can be a start of a new story – and actually it’s a neverending story… 🙂 🙂

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    • #.shimon
      Really appreciate you like them – it’s typical danish autumn countryside landscape – I don’t live in Denmark, but it’s from my latest visit home at my patents place where I took a short walk… 🙂

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