Fooling around


Which way left or right ..?
The Pyrenees doesn’t help us with the decision
the wrong decision can be measured in hours.

Confusion is often a term of abuse – probably isn’t it justified
we make more mistakes, when we aren’t a little confused and a little doubtful
about we are doing the right thing or not
because so we are thinking more carefully about what we do.

To cut off the confusion and accept an answer
just because it’s too scary not to have an answer
that’s a perfect way to get the wrong answer
(Janet Jackson – american singer)

The daily prompt “Land of confusion

50 tanker om “Fooling around

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  6. Foto stupenda! Un altro angolo di paradiso catturato dal tuo obiettivo: complimenti! Visto che si tratta di un pezzetto di paradiso, andare a sinistra o a destra sarà ugualmente bello. Io lascerei scegliere al caso e sicuramente non resterei delusa.. 😉

  7. ciao! am i reading this correctly…impulsive is best???? you are usually balanced and clear minded!! well, in this, yet another breathtaking capture of yours, i would love to find myself with this paradox and let my impulse, in that moment, to take me…but then, i tend to be impulsive 🙂

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