If we never travel, so we understand nothing about what is happening around us,
when we travel we understand sometimes less and sometimes more.

We should perhaps seek out more contrast to our “understandings”.

Inspirations from the absolutely worth visiting blog of Paula
Thursdays Special

27 tanker om “Countryside

  1. A travel thought for my event?! That’s cool Drake, and that photo showing some suburbian industrial zone (?) is showcasing a very nice scenery too 🙂 Travelling should by all means help us understand things better, and not lead us to misconstruction of any kind, but we are all human, and sometimes our experience of a place can be clouded by a rude waiter, or lost luggage…. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all of my travels even the ones where I got soaking wet, hungry and cold 😀

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  3. ciao! travelling does just that…exposes contrasts. human basic context is the the same everywhere…and once this is understood, travelling is just a change of panorama/setting…we are one tribe:) great shot.

  4. Forfatteren Carsten Jensen skriver i Politiken søndag den 2. juni 2002
    …”Indoneserne kalder på deres poetiske sprog det at rejse for at få vasket øjnene.

  5. contrast to our own “understandings” is a great gain from travel! Thanks for the inspiring post, Drake! It looks like a beautiful country to bike, did you?

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