Navigate from the wheelhouse


All the time we spend finding excuses
can be used more wisely to test even more
all directions has several options
(no I did not drive, was only passenger here)

Study the past if you would define the future
(Confucius – chinese teacher, thinker and social philosopher)

Lack of direction is the problem, not lack of time
we all have twenty-four hour days
(Zig Ziglar – american writer and motivational coach)

The compass rose is nothing but a star
with an infinite number of rays pointing in all directions
it is the one true and perfect symbol of the universe
and it is the one most accurate symbol of you.
Spread your arms in an embrace, throw your head back,
and prepare to receive and send coordinates of being.
Because, at last you know
that you are the navigator, the captain, and the ship
(Vera Nazarian – armenian-russian writer)

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The inspiration comes from the absolutly worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme “Direction