The secret service of our society


Sheeps are really a large part of the life of the moor
and the key for the survival of the moor.


The sheeps have an eye for many things – even strangers on mountain bikes.


Sheep are a familiar sight on the North York Moors in UK,
but do we really realise how much they help shape the landscape..?
Sheep numbers in the area are keep falling,
but if they disappear completely the look of the entire moors will change drastically too.
BBC Radio York’s Mike Kemp made an interesting report: “LINK

The inspiration for this are 3 gentle kicks
* 2 wonderful days at the North York Moor UK
* The interesting article according Mike Kemp BBC (link above)
* The WP daily prompt “Close Call

50 tanker om “The secret service of our society

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  5. I read the report on the fate of the moorlands without sheep. It’s very upsetting. The sheep are so beautiful (you have taken some lovely shots for this post).
    The second pic is absolutely adorable! If I was a sheep I would be keeping an eye on a black Drake on a mountain bike, too!
    I’m all wound up about the sheep thing. Baa, baa, baa!
    How is the sweet little black sheep from your parent’s?
    I like that you did this post…. one for the sheep and moorlands! ♥

  6. You have confirmed a long held suspicion! It also reminds me of an old Scottish joke which suggests carniverous vegetables ………….. Look over there! Sheep eating Turnips.

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  8. ciao! the world is in continuos evolution, and not necessarily for its ‘best’. we are fortunate to be at a point where we can experience much which future generations will not.

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