Between coast and moody hills


To be over the hill means in english to have been better earlier
maybe that’s the reason why the road from northern Wales to southern Merseyside
it run around and not over the hill, there on the north edge between England and Wales.



16 tanker om “Between coast and moody hills

    • #.cardinal guzman
      Really appreciate you find it interesting
      because I find it same way when I drive this way
      – interesting and inspiring in a little bit “strange” way… 🙂

    • #.thebestdressup
      From where I come from the words “to be over the hill” means that the one which it’s said about – he or she was better now he or she aren’t so good more – also said about a fashion style which fade out, so it’s said that it is over the hill (not against the top anymore)… 🙂

      I don’t hope I’m over the hill yet… ‘hahahaha’ 🙂

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