Mandela – you did it our way


A storm blown lighthouse in the dying evening light.

Nelson Mandela has passed away, a real and true statesman
perhaps the only one left in our time
a powerful and clear shining huge lighthouse for all of us worldwide.
Rest in Peace, Mandela – thanks, you did it our way in your way.

A lighthouse has been turned into a guiding star in the sky.

13 tanker om “Mandela – you did it our way

  1. This is a lovely, lovely tribute, Le Drake!
    “A lighthouse has been turned into a guiding star in the sky.” …. A most poetic thought. Love and peace, Resa.

  2. Your “A storm blown lighthouse that turning into a guide star” symbolizes Mandela’s vision, struggle, and commitment to freedom and human dignity. Thank you for the great tribute to Mandela.

  3. You’ve written a great tribute to Nelson Mandela. Beautiful words and poetic analogy with the lighthouse and the star, but right.. Thank you Drake.

  4. Reblogged this on Laurapozzani's Weblog and commented:
    L’amico blogger Le Drake Noir ha scritto questo breve bellissimo tributo a Nelson Mandela: non avrei potuto trovare parole migliori perciò ribloggo con umiltà e ringrazio Le Drake.

  5. Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart

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