Un-connected communities


Life in a harbor it is often very particular
and there are several communities that don’t necessarily work together

authorities including fisheries control
and seagulls.

Seagulls and harbors are as Laurel and Hardy inseparable
a harbor without seagulls is a dead port
seagulls may have a community
but they are also ruthless and dogged enemies on feeding options.

Seagulls has an “internal” alert system – what one seagull know, all seagulls know.



Weekly Photo Challenge: “Community“ – the 2nd version.

21 tanker om “Un-connected communities

  1. The last photo is so vivid ! I was “captured” by this pic….
    About the seagull community, I didn’t know their in-common-knowledge…..
    Is it due to some Pavlonian origin? (but I know I ‘m saying nonsenses….)
    Ciao, Drake!

    • #.anna
      An ornithologist told me once that seagulls have a fabulous good eyesight and excellent hearing – gulls hovering often so high that we can’t see them with our naked eyes – but they can see what’s going on and react one seagull then react all the other gulls too – I believe in this story… 🙂

      So glad you like it, and really appreciate your words… 🙂

  2. Well, you are quite right about seagull’s doggedness on food options. I know I shouldn’t feed the ducks on the lake, but I broke down one day when I fell in love with a Mallard family. This seagull scrunched himself up in the middle of the Mallards and pretended to be one. He was very convincing, and got most of the food.
    Thank you Le Drake! As usual you have shared some wonderful photos, and made me think.
    _Resa 🙂 😉

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