When the air fogged up


There can be an awful lot in the air
love, for example,
but probably the most common, it is fog.

Fog can produce impulsive feelings in us too
causes the skin to react and be sensitive and cause blood to bubble slightly
this kind of thrill can be both enjoyable and frightening at the same time.

A thin grey fog hung over the city,
and the streets were very cold;
for summer was in England
*Joseph Rudyard Kipling – english (born in India) awarded writer*

Every time I meet fog, it reminds me of London
I know it isn’t fair, but I can’t help it
even if I really love to visit London

But honestly these foggy moments of 2013 aren’t from London.

Fog also reminds me of other things than London and Alfred Hitchcock.

2347 There is something relaxing at a foggy atmosphere.

Some few hazy moments of 2013.


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