When the air fogged up


There can be an awful lot in the air
love, for example,
but probably the most common, it is fog.

Fog can produce impulsive feelings in us too
causes the skin to react and be sensitive and cause blood to bubble slightly
this kind of thrill can be both enjoyable and frightening at the same time.

A thin grey fog hung over the city,
and the streets were very cold;
for summer was in England
*Joseph Rudyard Kipling – english (born in India) awarded writer*

Every time I meet fog, it reminds me of London
I know it isn’t fair, but I can’t help it
even if I really love to visit London

But honestly these foggy moments of 2013 aren’t from London.

Fog also reminds me of other things than London and Alfred Hitchcock.

2347 There is something relaxing at a foggy atmosphere.

Some few hazy moments of 2013.


Daily Prompt: “I Was Here” – theme carte blanche

41 tanker om “When the air fogged up

  1. Wonderful pictures! The second one I love particularly for the magic atmosphere it creates.. Well, the wizard is you and the magic wand is your camera 😉 Applausi per te Drake!

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  3. This morning I awoke to ice fog that smothered everything in a beautiful sparkling glaze. It was mysterious, cold and absolutely beautiful as the sun attempted to burn it all away. I would love to have been walking down a twisting trail instead of driving to work. Your message as usual is very spot on! ♥

    • #.storysmitten
      Yeah we all have to “carpe diem” – on cold, hazy and icy moments too… 🙂

      Thanks a lot, so glad you agree with me – really appreciate your words… 🙂

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  5. Absolutely stunning photos, Drake! From my own experience must admit it is not that simple to catch good foggy images but these are…yes, so real, raw, full of the mysteriousness that I can’t imagine fogginess without. True, also a bit of the Hitchcock-ish spookiness but only a little. 🙂
    For me fog is much more about those early summer mornings when it is about to disappear, bringing along a promise of a new day with beauty in the air (and not only in the air!).

    • #.ese
      Thanks a lot, so glad you like them – really appreciate your words… 🙂

      Mostly fog are a sign of change of nature, small or large – I feel like nature “open up” around me when the fog surround me – the nature in sensitive mood we can call it – when I ride my mountain bike through a misty forest or meadow – so I feel really close to nature – in a way it is almost like an intimate way – especially smells and sounds are amplified… 🙂 🙂

      • Yes, i think it is a very interesting, revealing and intimate moment of nature to be a part of…something in between, not so often noticed, shared and not always sure which way it will develop. Either there will be a heavy rainstorm or a clear bright day. Really appreciated when “melting with fog” it happens, can’t deny that. 🙂

    • #.paula
      Thanks, so glad you like them – really appreciates… 🙂

      The 1st one which from the tiny danish island is last late spring – the 2nd one is from nortwest England close to Wales in early autumn lthis year – the 3th one is from austrian Tirol late autumn this year… 🙂

  6. Your fog shots are prettier than a melting gown. The shot from your last post was also outstanding. I swear your photography is like wine, improving with age. The second capture here, the green bridge over untroubled water, is a gem. Thank you Le Drake!

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