Continuous changes


The edge of a very old and closed for years quarry – taken in the summer of 2013.

Often if we want to emphasize that something is unchangeable
then we say that it is as “set in stone” or “written in stone”
but actually it isn’t correct – everything undergoes continuous changes, even quarries.


(both from Greenland the summer of 2012)


Even because the stone always is broken by the last stroke
so it doesn’t mean that the first strokes was useless
(unknown author)

The inspiration comes from the absolutly worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme “Continuous

8 tanker om “Continuous changes

  1. I enjoyed where your interpretation of “continuous” took us! Changes…so true! Didn’ t cross my mind for a moment when I worked on my post but really – what is more continuous in life than changes! And stone or the things written in it haven’ t turned out to be eternal. Unfortunately/Fortunately? 🙂
    Godt Nytår! 🙂

    • Yeah,a brilliant theme, you have chosen – the word “constant” is a funny word because in fact so is nothing constant – everything is constantly moving – even the things we think are stationary… 🙂

      But there are big differences in the speed of change – stone has a slow tempo – so it is said also that “the wrath to write in the sand while we must carve joy in stone – a very sensible advice in my eyes… 🙂

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