Joyride out in the suburbs



Mood at the forest of Marselisborg located very close to the 2nd largest danish city Aarhus.

A very cozy forest which almost extends slightly into the city from the south
there is a larger enclosure where various species of deer live “acclimatized”
in the sense that they are not completely wild – but not domesticated animals
they have become accustomed to people – walk, run and cycle past them at a distance.

A oasis for the animals, but also for many residents of the city of Aarhus and their children.



It is a very popular destination and idyllic for all as long as all respect each other
there are 2 times a year where you have to be extra careful
in the spring when female deer have very young fawn
and so in septemer october where the deer are in heat
at that time the deer bucks only have sex in their heads.


Weekly Photo Challenge “Joy

21 tanker om “Joyride out in the suburbs

  1. Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy nature and animals, to appreciate, respect. and learn more about sharing the world and not ruling in it. The road among the trees in the first photo is a picture perfect, almost like a painting. Those deers…absolutely lovely. 🙂

    • #.ese
      Yes sometimes so the distance between the so-called civilization and nature become so far away each other that both lose “touch” – larger settlements need breathing spaces… 🙂

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