Quite frankly is the truth unique..?

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When so many different people declare they know the truth so that seems more than one
then it is probably true – that we all think we know the truth
because our truth depends on where we stand in relation to what we see.

Maybe the truth is rather subjective – depending on the angle we look from
most people change their truth values ​​through life – often unknowingly
young children see the truth from their “platform”
older children from their “platform”
young people from their “platform”
adults with children of their “platform”
adults without children from their “platform”
older adults with grandchildren from their “platform”
single people from their “platform”
people in relation from their “platform”
independent people from their “platform”
employees from their “platform”
healthy people from their “platform”
not healthy people from their “platform”
etc etc etc
– and so there should only be one the truth..?

Daily Prompt “Truth or dare