Quite frankly is the truth unique..?

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When so many different people declare they know the truth so that seems more than one
then it is probably true – that we all think we know the truth
because our truth depends on where we stand in relation to what we see.

Maybe the truth is rather subjective – depending on the angle we look from
most people change their truth values ​​through life – often unknowingly
young children see the truth from their “platform”
older children from their “platform”
young people from their “platform”
adults with children of their “platform”
adults without children from their “platform”
older adults with grandchildren from their “platform”
single people from their “platform”
people in relation from their “platform”
independent people from their “platform”
employees from their “platform”
healthy people from their “platform”
not healthy people from their “platform”
etc etc etc
– and so there should only be one the truth..?

Daily Prompt “Truth or dare

40 tanker om “Quite frankly is the truth unique..?

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  2. I agree with what you’ve written… the truth depends on the angle we look from… I often sing a song of some years ago: “Dipende… da che dipende? Da che punto guardi il mondo tutto dipende!”; every day I have the consciousness of this, talking with colleagues, for example, who give different interpretations of the same event and everyone think to be right! 🙂 ahahah Sweet night le Drake!

    • #.laura
      Thanks a lot, so glad you agree – really appreciate your words… 🙂

      Yeah we all think we have the truth – nothing wrong with that, only if we could allow ourselves to admit that we could be wrong – that we find out by listening and thinking… 🙂 🙂

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    • #.anna
      In my eye a brilliant comment – because if we don’t doubt a little and still seeks, so we are much to far away from any truth… 🙂

      Really appreciate your words… 🙂

    • #.ese
      I never doubt about you have a lot of those tiny grey fellows… 🙂

      Humans make platforms almost everywhere, it’s the way we are
      the numbers of platforms are similar with the numbers of humans… 🙂

  7. I believe that there is only one truth, and that it is significant and important. But there are many perspectives and attitudes towards the world around us, and often we don’t see all that there is to see. It’s in our interest to be tolerant and open minded towards our fellow man, but extreme in our insistence on the truth. Considering the truth a subjective consideration will only limit our knowledge of the world around us. It is a useless and vain sophistry.

    • #.shimon
      Probably you are right, maybe there’s only one truth – actually no one of us has found it yet – we all believe our own perspectives and attitudes are the truth – probably nothing bad about that, as long as we allow other the same rights as we want usselves – I know my “truth” and have deep respect for those who disagree with me as long as they respect me too… 🙂

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