Greenish harmony


Rasmus Lyberth, a greenlandic folk singer, songwriter and actor (taken few years ago).

Music mastered the magic to unite people
perhaps only surpassed by love
by the way love and music acts sometimes together.

Voices can snuggle in common with the music
sometimes we might almost believe that they have an erotic relationship
a harmony where it almost isn’t necessary to understand the language
word for word – to get carried away by the atmosphere
when music and language interpreted with heart at the right place.

I’m not very good at the greenlandic language – it isn’t good enough, I must admit
in the happy college days I had several greenlandic classmates
they introduced me to Rasmus Lyberth and his music – and they translated it too.

Music can build bridges, Rasmus Lyberth built and builds bridges
from the greenlandic culture to the outside world.

I see music as fluid architecture
(Joni Mitchell – canadian musician)

Asanaqigavit” – the english translation could be “Most loving

The inspiration comes from the absolutly worth visiting blog “Ese’s Voice
Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge Theme “Music