False windows or outlook


Modern times means that windows aren’t always traditional windows
some are additional monitoring, others can be called false windows.


08 003


Some windows are just for show and they are amazing looking
ie looking at not look out of
here is a window from Canterbury Cathedral in UK
as far as I know, this window here is called “The poor man’s window”.


The old danish burial mounds have doors but haven’t any windows.

Weekly Photo Challenge “Windows

34 tanker om “False windows or outlook

    • #.ralph
      Thanks for the link, very interesting… 🙂

      Slightly same way in Denmark in the past – there it were the chimneys, which were tax on – the more chimneys the more tax – some farms had 5-6 … 🙂

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  5. You are original – as always, Drake 🙂 Looking outside through the windowsfor me is as interesting as looking inside. Even if they are false or their “mission of being windows” has been completed ages ago. Great captures!

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