Go West – at the British Isles


The road named Britannia Terrace,
on the levee between Porthmadog and Penrhyndeudraeth
yeah we are talking about Wales, the northwestern part of Wales
on the left a wetland with mountains behind
on the right a wetland with the Irish Sea behind
it’s the straight road to the key city in the welsh slate mountain area – Blaenau Ffestiniog.

A small peculiarity – the highest welsh point Snowdon
which is also the highest point in the British Isles except for Scotland
it is also located on the left – which is directly north.
Actually, there are same distance up there
whether we continue or turn around here.


The cliffs of Snowdon are very useful for rock climbing – 1,085 metres above sea level,
they were used by Edmund Hillary in training for the 1953 ascent of Mount Everest.


Travelling through the welsh countryside,
you can be as many other places throughout the British Isles
be impressed with all the collected stones – for levees, bridges and buildings
I’ve been told that this started in the Iron Age
why shouldn’t it be called the stone age ..?

One trip every month challenge” – idea from Marianne and her “East of Málaga”