Mirror of the city


A mirror is a reflection of reality
(it can sometimes be a difficult pill to swallow)
a city often have several “realities”
one of these is perhaps reflected best
if we look in the mirror of the city from the top of one of the tallest buildings of the city.

The daily prompt “Mirror

19 tanker om “Mirror of the city

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  5. Often a step sideways will reveal a very different city. As photographers we often look for the ‘best’ view – or at least the view that portrays the city we want to show – which may not be the ‘realistic’ portrait a city deserves.

    • #.stephen
      I never see us humans as objective but always subjective – more or less – that’s the way it have to be, because if we move (not only photographers, not at all) a bit – so “our” world would change too – we all see things from our point of view… 🙂

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