Cool linkage at summer


Summer Snow

“Juxtaposition” is the act or the placement of two things (most usually in abstract terms)
so these are connecting or complementing each other without linkage or subordination.

Weekly Photo Challenge “Juxtaposition“.

30 tanker om “Cool linkage at summer

    • #.ese
      Thanks a lot, so glad you like it – really appreciate your words… 🙂

      It have always been facinating by summer snow – the places where we can summer skies, it likes something between winter skiing and water skiing… 🙂

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  5. What a landscape! Beautiful! I just have another question: you quote Piet Hein who was a dutch seaman and hero. What is he saying? (if it is the dutch Piet Hein who took silver from the spanish fleet)

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      • Yeah! 🙂 We have white peaks in the Rockies.They are not the highest mountains in the world, but they are the youngest and the peaks are very, very spectacular. As a mountain Drake you would love it there where many mountains are still virgins. 😉
        When I was younger, I spent a lot of time exploring the Rockies. Somewhere along the way my Prairie Feet took over and my love for endless flat terrain became insatiable.
        Sigh! You are such a consummate adventuring Drake. That is what makes you so appealing.
        I love that you share all the wonderful pics of places you go, even though some of your shots make me dizzy…. or seasick! _Resa xo 🙂 😎

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