A neverending story


The iconic heavyweight among all peaks – the Matterhorn in the Alps
telephoto view of the most inaccessible of the two ends of the mountain.


The very inspiring and fascinating waters – the Irish Sea
with views out towards the diffuse end far into the distant horizon.

02 03

A large and fascinating royal one, the end of Queen Mary.

205 002

A ferry port is often a mournful end to experiences such as holidays.


An older photo of mine maybe almost 25 years old, which puts an end to the stories
why a gentleman always let women go first up the stairs.

Daily prompt  Happy Endings or the “End“.

28 thoughts on “A neverending story

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  3. Fantastic photos and very clever post! I like very much your way of thinking and feeling! Have a nice Sunday Drake. 🙂

  4. Wow…that is magnificent! To be more precise – I mean the first photo, not the last one, though no complaints about it either. 😀 And the ones in between are also beautiful, Drake!

  5. That first shot is amazing, Le Drake, absolutely fabulous! 🙂
    “lol” re: the butt shot! … very nice, almost as nice as mine! “hahaha” 😉 I like walking behind the guys sometimes, for same reason as yours in the Never Ending Story. 😎

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