Impressions from Sousse


Windows overlooking the palm trees in Sousse.


The Sousse Ribat (“link“) was built at the end of the 8th century
guess that the air conditioner is added this impressive building later.


When visiting unknown foreign destinations
then it might be a good advice to eat where the locals eat.


The store number 2 on the right – recall memories
bought years ago a beautiful hand-carved chess board
with additional hand-cast metal chess pieces
here of this cozy business owner.
We bargained the price for 10 -15 minutes every day through fourteen days
before we agreed on the price – a stubborn (but cozy) guy
funnily enough so he thinks it was me who was stubborn
but we welcome always friendly to each other
and miss probably both this everyday friendly “quarrel” even though it was 15 years ago.

21 tanker om “Impressions from Sousse

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  2. At some point in the future, I would love to use one of these photos for my Monday mystery photo feature. Would that be possible? i would of course, credit you as the photographer and cite your blog as the source.

  3. I can remember a good “haggle” over a Turkish silk carpet, Drake. In the end we bought a miniscule one, still quite expensive, and it sits in a picture frame on our wall. It’ll stay clean forever that way 🙂
    That top balcony and window photo is so appealing. A great place to while away a day.

      Yeah a wonderful way of business – from the part of Denmark where I come from, we always ask for the right price – which not always the price people do mentioning at first time… 🙂 🙂

      Absolutly a worth visiting area… 🙂

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