Break down the wall


Daily prompt: “World’s Best Widget
if you’ve been granted magical engineering skills
but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine.
What do you build..?

A hell of a huge demolition machine for breaking down all our prejudices.

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  8. Ok, you’ll bring the demoliton machine and after you’ll have finished your work I’ll bring my magic building machine to build bridges joining people of every Country around the world! Nice post indeed Drake. 😉

  9. Magic, huh! 🙂
    I would build a large magic greenhouse building to grow fruits, grains and vegetables which includes beans, nuts and seeds which take care of the protein group as well. Soya beans also offer calcium and many veggies, nuts and seeds offer oils. and of course dear Le drake, Coffee is a bean! 🙂
    Anyway the magic would be that everything would grow and be harvested in a day. It would be safe without chemicals and no one, no one in the world would ever have to be hungry again!
    Thank you for the magic moment to dream! _Resa ♥

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  13. A machine that could help you look at things from other peoples’ perspective I suppose. This would enable me to see different realities. That’d be kind of cool…although if i thought about this more i would probably come up with something cooler >_<

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